Sylvie Hebert

Sylvie Hebert was born in Buckingham, Quebec, Canada. With strict but loving Catholic parents, she grew up with an older sister and younger brother. At college she studied Special Care counselling. During her third year, she realized that she enjoyed working with children with different abilities. She met this wonderful guy -- she was then 16 -- finished college and followed him to Alberta. They started their own family. At the suggestion of a friend she and her husband set up a medical foster home. This gave her a career and the chance to stay home with her children so they could learn French. She and her husband love this work but the constant grieving takes a toll on their relationship and family, not an easy thing. We are caregivers, she says. We do not differentiate between who is ours and who is not. With 11 children ours is a busy, loud, explosive but loving family. It was the challenges that led to our involvement with the organization Adoption Beyond Infancy.