Melissa Hopkins

Melissa Hopkins is a registered nurse working in women’s healthcare for over 20 years. Her career started in OB-GYN and grew into breast care, diagnostics, cancer treatment and survivorship. She currently works at The Vancouver Clinic in Vancouver Washington. Melissa also volunteers many hours in the pursuit of enhanced patient care through navigation and collaboration of the many departments and facilities all working toward the goal of easing a patient’s way through a very traumatic and life changing event such as cancer. She remains a volunteer at NCoBC, the National Consortium of Breast Centers, as an Executive Board member, currently Treasurer; Chair for 6 years on the Navigation Certification committee, and more currently as a member of the International Delegate Program in an international effort to bring navigation tools and techniques to all countries including growing countries. Throughout her life, career and experience, Melissa has maintained the need for compassion and the use of humor as an important part of the healing process.