T. Scott Gross

T. Scott Gross is more than a writer who speaks; he literally has been there and done that! A veteran of the hospitality industry, Gross learned about business and leadership from the bottom up, starting from the business end of a pot sink! Scott’s hands-on approach has earned him the respect of audiences everywhere. He knows what it’s like to make payroll every Friday. His first book, Positively Outrageous Service, has been translated into over a dozen languages. The 13 fun to read books that have followed prove that it is possible to have fun, make the world a better place…and earn a living by loving on your customers. Scott’s client list includes such respected companies as Southwest Airlines, Ford, and WalMart. He is one of a handful of speakers who has been honored as a Legend of the Speaking Profession. His personal accomplishments include EMT first responder, instrument-rated pilot, certified wild land firefighter and former city councilman, including a term as mayor pro tem.