Dr. Lisa  Taylor-Swanson

Dr. Lisa Taylor-Swanson

Dr. Taylor-Swanson has practiced Traditional East Asian Medicine, providing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, since 2001. She completed an Honors Bachelor of Science at the University of Utah with a Psychology major and a Women’s Studies minor. After that, she completed a Master’s degree of Oriental Medicine at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. She has completed advanced post-graduate training in women’s health and male- and female-factor infertility. In addition to maintaining her clinical practice at Abundant Health in downtown Tacoma, WA, she has recently completed a PhD in Nursing Science at the University of Washington. She’s working on several research projects related to complex and chronic illness, such as veterans experiencing Gulf War Illness and midlife women experiencing symptoms such as hot flashes, pain, mood and cognitive changes as they transition through menopause. Her patients know her to be a caring, wise and present clinician and a trusted guide.