Robin Perry Braun

Robin Perry Braun, MPsy is a licensed therapist, a certified Emotion Code Practitioner and ordained minister. She has spent more than 20 yrs searching for tools that bring authentic healing to the tough-to-heal afflictions. She is the author of “A believers guide to the Law of Attraction” and “30 Days to Peace and Joy” Her passion is the educate people on the power of the subconscious in attracting our life. She helps people release trapped emotions and reprogram limiting beliefs. Her toolbox also contains spiritual and nutritional tools as well. She is passionate about helping people manage their brain chemistry, physical health and mental/emotional wellbeing. Clients come to her to release blocks to weight loss, success and love as well as for depression, anxiety and emotional distress. She is a keynote speaker, does customized workshops and retreats and works with individuals and corporations.