Vince Kellen, Ph.D

Vince Kellen, Ph.D. is the Senior Vice Provost, Analytics and Technologies at the University of Kentucky, a top public research institution and academic medical center. His areas of responsibility include institutional research and analytics, enterprise software, research computing, academic technology, IT infrastructure and cloud services. Dr. Kellen teaches at the University of Kentucky’s College of Communications and previously taught at DePaul University’s College for Computing and Digital Media. He has received numerous awards and honors -- CIO Magazine Top 100 award, an InformationWeek’s Chief of the Year, the Computerworld Honors Laureate award, and was one of four recipients selected globally for Dell’s 2012 Transformational CIO award. He has served on advisory boards to Dell, SAP, Microsoft, AT&T, and Apple. He has written four books on database technology and over 250 articles and presentations on IT and business strategy.