Dr. Simona Mainini

Dr. Simona F. Mainini is a Doctor in Architecture and Feng Shui Master who teaches Scientific Feng Shui to help others increase their wellness, abundance and success in their lives. In particular, she has specialized in architectural projects under design, new construction and renovation. Dr. Maniani has been dubbed "the expert" in the field of Feng Shui to hire when you are looking for answers on how to apply Feng Shui in the areas of the office, increasing business venues , reducing stress, improving creativity and productivity,and many other areas. Acknowledged by her Asia peers as being a Master in the field of Feng Shui Dr. Mainini has being selected to be the only U.S. representative at the International Conference on Scientific Feng Shui held in Hong Kong, Europe, and in Singapore. Dr. Mainini currently teaches at the Department of Architecture and Interior Design of U.C.L.A. and her first book Feng Shui for Architecture has become a classic and is much use widely by many.