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11/14/2019 the-animal-legacies-1st-in-special-author-series

The Animal Legacies (1st in Special Author Series!)

Empowering Women, Transforming Lives
Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter for the first week in our special interview series with the authors of The Animal Legacies! - to release December 3rd. This powerful anthology shares the legacies animals have had on our lives. Listen in as our authors share the imprint that their animal stories have left on them. This week, Rebecca will talk with: Kathleen Sims, Dr. Michelle Peticolas, and Tracey Dietlein. Listen Now

5/19/2016 balancing-your-heart

Balancing Your Heart

Journey to Balancing Your Life
Can you have love and balance at the same time? Or does one take precedence over the other? Listen Now