Hattie Bryant

Hattie Bryant has made a living since 1979 in adult education and she is the author of the new book, I’ll Have It My Way: Taking Control of End of Life Decisions. At the age of 27 she bought a franchise of Leadership Management and for the next fifteen years, she taught management, sales and customer service in the conference rooms of small businesses and from convention platforms. Hattie is the creator of the made-for-PBS television series, Small Business School, which was filmed in 34 states and 150 cities. Sponsorship came from IBM, Verizon, Qwest, Travelers, Dun & Bradstreet, AT&T, MassMutual , Microsoft, and others. It reached into most US homes via some 300 PBS member stations from 1994-2012 and it was also translated into French, Spanish and Arabic and aired around the world through over 1000 affiliates of the Voice of America-TV. Hattie is also the author of the book, Beating the Odds, and in 1997 was given the Award of Excellence from the White House