Lyric Seal aka Neve Be

Lyric Seal aka Neve Be was born and remains this densely packed little firestarting fireball creature, in certain lights, they resemble a seal. They grew up in the beautiful dirty Jerz, versed in bodies of water, forest flowers, and monster myths. Seal's performance mediums include: contemporary dance, contact improv, burlesque, high gross art, stripping, drag, performance installation, performance terrorism, repertory theatre, political street theater, film acting, adult acting, physical theatre, live sex, play, movement therapy, ministry, juice, spit, face paint, rocks, sex crust, dragon's nests, being someone else. You can find their writing now in Everyday Feminism and maximumrocknroll (in print, son!), in the past in Coming Out Like a Porn Star edited by Jiz Lee, Curve Magazine, Harlot Magazine, Plentitude Magazine, Model View Culture, and in the future in a book published by Threelmedia called Taking it Lying Down/Crawling Like an Animal: Bedtime Stories Told Down Thru My Body.