Robert McHugh Ph.D,

Robert McHugh, Ph.D, was a founder of a local community bank in Eastern Pennsylvania that ultimately became known as Main Street Bancorp. As a founders of the bank, Robert was one of 13 employees when it started. From zero deposits, the bank grew to $3 billion in deposits and had 500 employees when management sold out in 2000. As an EVP, Robert was the second ranking member of management. He was responsible for funding the bank’s portfolio and for managing the banks investment portfolio. It was at that time that he gained a great interest in technical analysis, which he used as an investment tool. After he and other owners of Main Street Bancorp sold out, Robert followed his passion for technical analysis which he uses along with a keen sense of history to predict market turns. His daily newsletter’ The Technical Indicator Index is a must read for everyone who watch markets closely and desire to be stay ahead of the heard at every market turn.