Pieter  Oonk

Pieter Oonk

Pieter Oonk is the co-founder of TVadSync, a TV tech tech start up in the ad placement space. TvAdSync uses proprietary automated content recognition software to create real time data on where and when TV ads appear on second screens. And that data enables online and mobile campaigns by seeking impressions from devices in households. As an entrepreneur, Pieter has always been in the middle between product- and business development. Or you could say: he has a head for business and a heart for tech. TVadSync is his third start up overall, and the most successful one to date, winning a number of startup competitions to gain corporate exposure. Previous forays were in mobile virtual networks and one in location based services: Locle (TVadSync co-founder He and his team built Locle - a location based social network. In between his various startups, Pieter has spent several years in software product management at major telecoms in Europe.