JD  Bear

JD Bear

JD always had an interest in technology. He received advanced degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering and went on to an engineering career. JD took early retirement in 2000 to pursue other interests. Among those interests is spirituality, and he became a student of Beth Green. He also sought to invest his assets sensibly, but found the investment world to be unreliable. However, he discovered a profitable second career trading securities, particularly involving news of medical advances. JD has suffered his fair share of medical conditions, and in the process found he was not always well served by medicine. He got into the habit of researching medical journals. In the process he discovered that the scientific record regarding drugs is heavily polluted with false and misleading information. This information is relied upon by doctors for prescribing. As a result, he has written and published several articles, including When Good Doctors Prescribe Bad Medicine. http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/3/27/1506124/-KosAbility-How-to-Avoid-Becoming-a-Casualty-of-the-Other-Drug-War