Edward “EJ”  Jackson

Edward “EJ” Jackson

Edward “EJ” Jackson is senior vice president and general manager of SAP Anywhere at SAP. He is responsible for the overall business and product strategy and execution for SAP Anywhere, a front-office, mobile-first SaaS solution that enables small businesses to run virtually every element of their business from any device or location. EJ joined SAP in 2014 as the general vice president of product strategy and delivery for SAP’s small business solutions group. Previously, he was CEO and founder of Provade, Inc., a vendor management system SaaS solution provider serving Fortune 1000 companies, acquired by Pinnacle Group in 2011. He holds U.S. patent 14/027,945 for Provade’s vendor management system software. Prior to Provade, he founded SkillsVillage, acquired by PeopleSoft in 2001. He also served as vice president of strategy at Elance. EJ holds a dual bachelor’s degree in business administration and computer science from the University of New Mexico.