Meir  Schneider, PhD

Meir Schneider, PhD

Meir Schneider was born blind, and taught himself to see. Through his own healing journey, he learned principles which can be applied to all areas of health, both mental and physical. As a young child born with congenital cataracts, Meir underwent several surgeries which failed to restore his vision, but it was not until he was introduced to the Bates Method system of eye exercises as a teenager that he was able to teach himself to see. He went on to develop his own exercises to continually improve his vision in spite of the scar tissue left by the surgeries, his vision is now in the normal range. A new version of his Bestselling book, Vision for Life was recently released. The original edition has already sold over 12,000 copies and has been translated into eight languages. Meir will be visiting cities all over North America and Europe, presenting lectures and workshops on Natural Vision Improvement and SelfHealing Through Movement. For more information see .