John  Jacobsen

John Jacobsen

John Jacobsen, president of White Oak Associates, Inc., and CEO of the White Oak Institute, has over four decades of international experience as a museum analyst, planner, and producer. He was also associate director of the Museum of Science in Boston. During that time, the Museum served 2.2 million visitors during a twelve-month period. Jacobsen and White Oak Associates, Inc., have led strategic planning and marketing initiatives for over one hundred museums. Recent projects include eight museums representing a billion dollars of investment in new and expanding museums.
Mr. Jacobsen is the founding manager of the Museum Film Network (1985), the Planetarium Show Network (1988), and the Ocean Film Network (1992). With Ms. Jeanie Stahl, Mr. Jacobsen formed the White Oak Institute in 2007, a nonprofit dedicated to research-based museum innovation. Mr. Jacobsen's extensive writings and presentations on museum topics have appeared in Curator, Museum Management and Curatorship.