Mark  Schulman

Mark Schulman

Todays guest is a superstar and ticks all of those boxes. Added to that, he is one hell of a good guy. In the mid-1990s, Mark Schulman was the drummer for the band Simple Minds and has since played with Foreigner, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Destiny's Child, Billy Idol and is playing world tours with Cher and Pink. He is also a music producer, audio engineer and co-owner of West Triad Recording Studios in Venice, California. He is the recipient of numerous Gold and Platinum discs and has appeared on nearly every American and European variety show on television including The Grammys, David Letterman, The Tonight Show, Conan O’Brian, Jon Stewart, American Idol, X-Factor and many more. Mark’s writing and production credits include films, various international TV shows and commercials, radio jingles and interactive media projects for clients such as: Mcdonald’s, Sony, The Disney Channel, , Showtime, USA network, The Sopranos, School of Rock, and Beverly Hills Cop 3.