Rosamund Stone  Zander

Rosamund Stone Zander

Rosamund Zander is a pioneer in the field of leadership and relationship. She has created a leadership model that coaches individuals to create a life of vision, passion and contribution. Her work is, in all its capacities, about growth. Her writing, teaching, and coaching creates pathways to lives that are authentic and meaningful. As a family therapist and an executive coach, she develops models for leadership and effective action. Her work is detailed in her books, “The Art of Possibility” and “Pathways to Possibility,” She works with corporations, institutions and teams to leave a system of ‘business as usual’ and enter an abundant and generative realm. She has designed programs for global corporations and government agencies and has presented workshops in a wide variety of settings. Clients include Hampton/Hilton Inns, IBM, Whirlpool, Harvard Medical School and Carnegie Mellon University.