Rose  Caraway

Rose Caraway

ROSE CARAWAY is a native Northern California Writer, Editor, Narrator, and Podcaster on the hit shows “The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast” and “The Sexy Librarian Blog-cast”. Rose is also a professional Narrator for several Audible #1 Bestselling Erotica Audiobooks, and is the editor of the INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist and #1 bestselling, “The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica”. Although her specialty is erotic fiction, she also has a passion for writing suspense, horror, fantasy, and romance. Some of her influences include Stephen King, Dan Savage, Jean M. Auel, Mia Martina, and Anne Rice. Rose’s writings prominently showcase her sex-positive approach to life, as well as her commitment to both feminism and masculinism. Being a staunch supporter of the LGBT community, she believes that people of all genders and orientations should be considered complementary and interdependent and are necessary for a truly healthy and functional society.