Diane  Hudson

Diane Hudson

Diane Hudson owns Career Marketing Techniques a professional career coaching. She is a book author and prolific article author, and experienced trainer at industry conferences internationally on career management and job search topics. Diane is Director of the Certified Professional Career Coach program representing universities, military, federal, industry, outplacement, nonprofit, workforce development, and more; winner of Career Management Alliance’s first annual Career Industry Mentor Award, and recent nominee for MORE Magazine’s Ambition award. She also served as a career coach for CareerBuilder, JP Morgan Chase, and other companies. As an award-winning resume writer, her achievements include "Best Executive Resume” by PARW/CC and her resumes, cover letters, and case studies are published in more than 60 books and periodicals. She is a former employment specialist for Northrop Corporation and Special Agent Investigator for the DOD. She has navigated 4 international moves.