Hal  Humphreys

Hal Humphreys

A licensed private investigator with 30 years’ experience in research and analysis, Hal Humphreys is a Certified Fraud Examiner & a certified real estate appraiser. Coming from a background in due diligence for the financial industry, he has been a research specialist for real estate research, appraisals, feasibility studies, & internal audits.
Hal says he even dipped his toe into journalism, but found his niche after assisting an attorney friend. Hal identified connections between property, people, assets, & other transactions after his friend asked for assistance in tracking down business dealings a client’s soon-to-be-ex had “hidden” prior to filing for divorce. Pawing through obscure public records in the basement of a rural courthouse, Hal found links between soon-to-be-ex and some previously unknown businesses. As a result, Hal’s happy lawyer friend said, “If only you were a private investigator.” That afternoon Hal he began the process of becoming a private investigator.