Richard  Bonham

Richard Bonham

Richard Bonham grew up and lived the bush and conservation as the son of game warden Jack Bonham. From flying in the Sudan, Zaire and East Africa, he returned to E. Africa and the safari business and has been a pioneer ever since. From creating the Community Game Scouts with Maasai warriors collecting snares to co-founding Big Life Foundation, to the Maaasailand Preservation Trust setting up health clinics, schools and a wildlife scholarship program that has put hundreds of students through school. From there Big Life pioneered the Predator Compensation Project, an economic incentive based approach securing a future for predators and co-existence within communities. In the mid 90's he was instrumental in setting up the Selous Rhino Trust, together with KWS, preserving what is probably the last unmanaged Black Rhino populations in Africa. In recognition of his contributions, in 2014 at the Tusk Conservation Awards he was awarded The Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa.