Fiona  McCulloch, N.D.

Fiona McCulloch, N.D.

Little did Fiona McCulloch, N.D., know, as a curious young girl who liked to play in the woods and create imaginative compounds from what the land provided, that one day her innate interest in science and nature would eventually lead her to practice natural medicine through a scientific lens and heal thousands of women – including herself -- suffering from such things as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), thyroid problems, autoimmune disorders, weight gain/loss management and infertility.
Having successfully reversed her own PCOS naturally, Dr. McCulloch now practices what she preaches. In fact, her new book, 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS, will be available in September 2016. In her new book, and during an interview, she will empower your audience to understand their bodies and restore their own balance. Like her customized clinic approach, she can take into account a patient’s unique symptoms and life stage to offer the most comprehensive treatment.