Charrele  Robinson-Brown

Charrele Robinson-Brown

Charrele Robinson-Brown is a Director of Digital Experience who supports Social Selling in the Experiential Marketing & Strategic Programs Division. She is charged with infusing Gamification throughout Social Selling at SAP as well as running the BOSS Program. Charrele is also a Design Thinking Professional who is very passionate about this process. She has been with SAP for 3.5 years and has worked in a number of divisions from Consulting to Information Architecture/User Experience Design. In addition, she trains others in Design Thinking. Charrele is also piloting a program called Early Innovators. This construct pairs SAP with Middle and High School Students to create an environment of sharing, introduces students to corporate business, but most importantly, it exposes SAP to a generation of innovators who have innate technological prowess where both audiences can learn from each other and create.