Emily  Frost

Emily Frost

Emily Frost is the visionary behind Love Your Nature, a movement devoted to girls and women awakening to their inherent wisdom, power, and purpose. Emily works with young people and adults, in groups and individually, as a counselor, rites of passage guide, experiential educator and consultant. She facilitates programs that develop social, emotional and spiritual intelligence, with a focus on girls coming of age.
Emily holds dual degrees from UC Berkeley, is a certified counselor and life coach, mindfulness educator, early childhood educator and educational consultant. Emily helps direct the Stepping Stones Project, an organization offering long term mentoring and contemporary rites of passage to Bay Area youth. She works in collaboration with Naomi Katz on the international Beautiful Project, and is a facilitator with Charis Denison of Prajna Consulting, at the crossroads of youth advocacy, gender, sex and sexuality.