Dr. Julianne  Blake

Dr. Julianne Blake

Dr. Julianne Blake is a leading authority on using Stress Transformation as a powerful, primary path to physiological and emotional wellness and personal power. She has been inspiring - and empowering - women through her speaking, writing (The Success Secret, best-seller co-authored with Jack Canfield), coaching and private therapy practice for over thirty years. She is often called, “The Joy Doctor.”
Her mission springs from her hunger to overcome the trials of her own degenerative disease (multiple sclerosis), rather than be a victim of it. She dedicates her life to guiding women who face life-threatening cancer - or overwhelm, anxiety and disabling toxic STRESS in their business - to triumph over all physical, emotional, spiritual and business challenges. By her word and example, she leads you to take charge, move gracefully through obstacles, and to great profit - in a life you truly love …with purpose, passion - and your heart filled with gratitude! www.ChooseJoyAnyway.com