Alison Jennings  Wohleb

Alison Jennings Wohleb

Alison Jennings Wohleb is an artist in California. She raised three sons as a single mother. Her son, Ian, was a young man when he died in 2014 of complications from a brain injury from an auto collision in 2009.Alison is very good at helping people understand we don’t need to say all the things we say when confronted with this unspeakable loss. We always want other people to feel good but out of awkwardness we often say dismissive things like “You’ll heal with time.”, “Things happen for a reason.” “It’s about moving on.”. Sometimes the best thing we can say is nothing. Just learn to 'be' with someone else and let them have that piece of their their humanity. Ian was such an incredibly kind, smart and funny man. Why and how does a parent "deal" with the loss of their child? To remember them everyday by waking up every morning, no matter how hard that can be. “When he died the light dimmed”.