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5/30/2019 service-work-transitioning-to-college

Service Work; Transitioning to College

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
In the second in our Kindness Matters series, we’ll tackle the question of service work: what qualifies, why students might want to do it, and whether or not it’s truly important in the admissions process. Listen Now

1/5/2017 can-an-average-student-get-into-a-top-tier-school-options-if-you-cant-pay-the-spring-college-bill

Can an Average Student Get Into a Top-Tier School? Options if You Can't Pay the Spring College Bill- Office Hours: Avoiding the Rumor Mill: Our 100th Show!

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
We answer a lot of listener questions on the show, and one that we get asked fairly frequently is “Can an average student get into a top-tier school?” Tune in to find out. We’re also looking at options for families who find themselves without the money to pay for their spring college bills. And in Office Hours, we’ll discuss the rumor mill, including how to recognize a rumor and separate fact from fiction. Listen Now

12/10/2015 you-didnt-get-in-early-now-what

You Didn't Get In Early: Now What?

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
So you sent in a few early applications and figured you were done. Now you've gotten the results and they're not good: no acceptances and mostly denials. Listen Now