Rodney  Dietert, PhD

Rodney Dietert, PhD

Rodney Dietert is Professor of Immunotoxicology at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA and has been on the Cornell faculty for 39 years. Rodney was born at Ft. Lee, VA and grew up in San Antonio Texas. After attending SMU for two years (1970-72) and graduating with a BS degree in zoology from Duke University (1974), he got his Ph.D. in immunogenetics from the University of Texas at Austin (1977). Rodney has more than 300 publications, including 200 papers and book chapters, with most concerning environmental risk factors, developmental immunotoxicity, and programming of later-life, non-communicable diseases. Recently, he has focused on the importance of the microbiome in health and safety. Among his authored and edited books are: Strategies for Protecting Your Child's Immune System (World Scientific Publishing, 2010), Immunotoxicity Testing (Springer, 2010), Immunotoxicity, Immune Dysfunction, and Chronic Disease (Springer, 2012) and Science Sifting: Tools for Innovation