Alida  Brill

Alida Brill

Alida Brill is an author, feminist social critic and advocate for women’s rights. She is the author of Nobody’s Business: The Paradoxes of Privacy, and the editor of A Rising Public Voice: Women in Politics Worldwide. She is the coauthor of Dimensions of Tolerance: What Americans Believe About Civil Liberties and the dual memoir, Dancing at the River’s Edge: A Patient and Her Doctor Negotiate Life with Chronic Illness that she co-wrote with her longtime physician Dr. Michael Lockshin. Alida's essays and commentaries have appeared in a variety of anthologies, journals, magazines and websites. Alida served on the Board of The Feminist Press of the City University of New York for many years, and has been a consultant to numerous organizations advising on advocacy and research programs. She is a passionate advocate for a new and intergenerational 21st century feminist dialogue.