Ian Gordon

Nations and their economies run through 50 to 70 year credit expansion/contraction cycles known as a Kondratieff wave. Special guest Ian Gordon, Chairman of Long Wave Group and economic historian tells Jay Taylor why the U.S. and the global economy has entered into a credit contraction that will be as bad or worse than the deflationary depression of the 1930s. Ian will explain why polices geared to stimulating the economy will not only fail but will plunge us even deeper into a price collapsing depression. Ian will explain why he is betting on deflation, not inflation and why, in this environment, gold mining will be a portfolio savior as it was during the Great Depression when the Dow to gold ratio approached 1:1. Ian tells why he believes the Dow to gold ratio may well fall to an even more remarkable 0.25:1.0 in this depression and why gold stocks will make their owners truly wealthy. Ian may also name a few of his favorite gold mining stocks. www.longwavegroup.com