Brad  Finkeldei

Brad Finkeldei

“Life’s too short to NOT to live the life you dreamed of” I did everything you were supposed to do in order to live the American dream. Good grades – check, amazing job – check, climbing up the corporate ladder – check, big house and 6 carts full of IKEA products to fill up that house, check…check. But something was still missing – CONFIDENCE. I felt so limited by my job and the lifestyle I was living and didn't feel confident in who I was.
When I really dug deep I found the common thread in my life was helping others. I kept finding I wanted to help others change their lives. I found real satisfaction in coaching others to be more confident in who they are so they can achieve their own goals. I realized I wanted to give back to others what my Life coach gave me. Confidence in myself to change my life. I help love helping people develop a plan to change their life. I’m a firm believer that what you think about you bring about and I was thinking about helping others all the time.