Olga Munari  Assaly

Olga Munari Assaly

In April of 2006, Olga was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of letting her life come to a halt, she embarked on a remarkable journey of self discovery.
Olga’s diagnosis of breast cancer was the beginning of the still unfolding story of her inspiring lives as well as realizing many of her personal dreams. Within one week of her diagnosis she was asked to become the spokesperson for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer in Montreal. In just four short months she raised over $114,000.00 for breast cancer. She was only just starting.
Her heartfelt desire to help others is reflected in the value she places in community and contribution. Olga is compelled to use her experience to inspire and encourage people to support each other and to pursue their dreams boldly. Not only has she spoken to large audiences but she has also personally mentored breast cancer fighters to help them reach their goals.