Ann  Washburn

Ann Washburn

Ann is a dynamic, inspiring speaker, a mentor, and a body language expert. She has given over 2,600 presentations throughout the country, including a TEDx talk on the effects of body language. She changes lives through her detailed understanding of the messages people send through body language, and teaching others to use those nonverbal communications to go from messy to mastery in their lives. She is an effective, successful mentor and trainer. The techniques she shares are simple and down to earth, and her success comes because they work. Ann brings warmth and enthusiasm to her classes by engaging her audience with real-life stories and valuable, workable tools. Ann speaks from experience. She and her husband have been happily married for 24 years; they are the parents of 5 incredible children. Ann offers Individual and group mentoring, and teaches classes, including: Break Free Intensive, Body Language Show, Corporate Training, and other character development programs.