Janet Lee  Berg

Janet Lee Berg

Janet Lee Berg worked as a journalist for Dan's Papers of the Hamptons, contributing countless articles covering events, celebrity interviews, humor pieces and human interest stories. Janet earned a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and Literature at Stony Brook Southampton, where she was mentored by many authored professors such as the late, great Frank McCourt. Employed as a journalist by Dan’s Papers of the Hamptons for nearly 12 years, she was afforded the opportunity to interview numerous celebrities, one of her favorites being Linda Ronstadt. She has completed two novels, titled Rembrandt’s Shadow and Restitution, both loosely based on stunning true life events of her family during the Holocaust. Janet Berg’s work has been featured in Dan’s Papers, The East Hampton Star, The Independent, The Montauk Quarterly, Newsday, and The Southamtpon Press, and was interviewed on WHTV Television show.