Joe  Carella

Joe Carella

Joe Carella is the director of the Scandinavian Living Center in Newton, MA and the author of Unlimited Options for Aging. He is also a passionate advocate for community-centered living. After a disturbing experience as a teenager, when he was mistakenly placed in a geriatric ward at a hospital, Joe Carella began a passionate search for a better way to care for us all as we age. The result is Carella’s new book, Unlimited Options for Aging, which explores the four principles of aging with dignity that Carella has implemented at The Scandinavian Living Center (SLC) in Newton, MA over the past decade.Joe has spent the past decade bringing this principle to life at the SLC, one of the few elder care residences of its kind in the United States, and proving that natural community connections can truly serve the entire population. The SLC welcomes more than 2,000 visitors monthly through community space, performances, arts events and more, creating opportunities for all ages to connect.