Wesley  Bright

Wesley Bright

In 2013 there was one vacant lot in Akron, Ohio, that supported a huge shift in imagining how an empty space can be transformed to breathe life into neighborhoods. Meet Wesley. In 2013, he went out on a whim, purchased a vacant lot in his own neighborhood, learned how to raise honeybees, and created Akron Honey Company. Wesley is a father, husband, musician, community activist, and an artisan. He learned how to perfect the highly skilled craft of Microbatching honey. Wesley rooted his enterprise in revitalizing people, community, activating spaces, strong social and family values, and innovation. Since 2013, his brand has received national recognition, with Akron Honey being a finalist on LeBron James' new reality show, Cleveland Hustles. Wesley's product portfolio has been mostly honey, until now. He recently announced a significant expansion into the world of skin care, that he describes as "highly disruptive to the landscape," and a "first of its kind undertaking."