Doug  Kaufmann

Doug Kaufmann

Television show host author and lecturer Doug Kaufmann returned home from Vietnam in 1971 with strange and annoying health problems. He graduated from the US Navy Hospital Corps School in 1969; so he understood that medications might successfully subdue his symptoms, but his interest was not in erasing the symptoms hours at a time with drugs, rather understanding why they began in the first place.It is fitting then, that in 1999, when he began his television career, he would name his health show Know The Cause! Little did he know in 1999 that the show would attract such a large and loyal following. It airs daily in approximately 80 million American homes, enabling viewers to learn of the fungus link to their own health problems. He has authored a dozen book and thanks in part to his continued research and work, today we now know with certainty that certain fungi make poisonous substances (mycotoxins) that can alter our DNA, cause numerous diseases, including cancer.