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11/1/2016 hope-springs-eternal-pt-2-medical-cannabis-patient-success-stories

Hope Springs Eternal Pt. 2: Medical Cannabis Patient Success Stories

Everyday Cannabis with Eva Sativa
On the first episode of Hope Springs Eternal, medical cannabis patient Mary L. Webber shared her experience with utilizing cannabis to mitigate her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, and Andrew Smith-Mebust, a medical cannabis patient living with Parkinsonism, Chronic Fatigue, and Chronic Migraines, began to tell his story of how medical cannabis changed his life. Listen Now

10/18/2016 hope-springs-eternal-real-stories-from-real-patients

Hope Springs Eternal: Real Stories from Real Patients

Everyday Cannabis with Eva Sativa
On this very special show of Everyday Cannabis, Eva Sativa and Boris the Service Dog are joined by Andrew Smith-Mebust and Mary L. Webber, two medical cannabis patients from Nevada who, like Eva, have found a new quality of life thanks to medical cannabis. Listen Now