Steven  Rosen

Steven Rosen

Steven Rosen is President and Creative Director of Available Light. It was Steven’s keen interest in applying theatrical lighting techniques to traditionally non-theatrical environments that led to his founding Available Light in 1992. The originality and grand scale of Steven’s designs are evident in such one-of-a-kind award-winning projects as: The Neural Climber interactive experience at The Franklin Institute, the Aramco Oil Exhibit, lighting for the spectacular 150th anniversary celebration of Horseshoe Curve, and the architectural installation of an all LED lighting system in the Rotunda of the National Archives—home of the US Constitution. Steven’s commitment to responsible design solutions, including assuring LEED certification for a number of projects, is central to his work. He authored a chapter for a publication on Museum and Exhibition Lighting, holds a patent on LED Sports Lighting, and has presented at conferences and meetings around the globe.