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1/29/2020 wisdom-of-the-world

Wisdom of the World

Good Grief with Cheryl Jones
What is music's power to support us through the passages of life? Gary Malkin has spent his career seeking answers to that question. His attention to sound and music and how they affect us led to work with patients and families at the beginning and end of their lives. He is a fierce advocate for music's role in healing and support. Listen Now

12/31/2019 musical-soul-healing

Musical Soul Healing

The Ambassador of JOY brings YOU THE most influential, positive channeling, health filled artist in the world today. Listen Now

10/31/2016 is-it-time-to-call-in-the-grandmothers

Is it time to call in the Grandmothers?

The Rise of the Feminine
In the final episode of this first series of The Rise of the Feminine we reflect on the topics discussed with guests, revisit highlights of the show, where more than 40 different experts provided wisdom and important insights informing our present and future. Listen Now

3/19/2014 music-for-a-meaningful-life

Music for a Meaningful Life

Good Grief with Cheryl Jones
How can music deepen our experience of life, especially when life is difficult? As a result of the challenges Listen Now

7/1/2010 media-for-a-meaningful-life

"Media for a Meaningful Life"

In Discussion
David Gibbons is joined by Composer GaryMalkin, who talks to a life and career devoted to the healing of people throughprofound music and imagery. Listen Now