Dr. Julianne  Blake

Dr. Julianne Blake

Dr. Julianne Blake is an expert on Stress Release - the path to wellness and personal power. She helps overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed business owners double their energy and double what they get back. She has inspired and empowered women through her speaking, writing The Success Secret - a best-selling book co-authored with Jack Canfield, and her coaching and therapy practice of twenty five years. With her doctorate in psychology, license in MFT counseling, success coaching certification and training in Neuroscience, she teaches you to heal from within, simply by re-training your brain. Her mission came from wanting to overcome a degenerative disease, and not be its victim. She’s devoted to helping women win their battle with cancer, triumph in their struggle to drop extra weight, and overcome their anxiety or overwhelming stress in business. She has you take charge, move through obstacles to great profit, all in a life you love - with your heart full of gratitude!