Britt B  Steele

Britt B Steele

Britt B Steele has a masters degree in public health, is a former clinical researcher at the University of Arizona, and has been teaching yoga for nearly 25 years. Together, she and her husband built a vastu (yogic feng shui) home and yoga retreat center in the coastal foothills of Oregon, the only one of its kind in the United States, where she hosts yoga and ayurveda retreats, immersion-style teacher trainings and lives her yoga. She is dedicated to bringing traditional yoga teachings into modern life and offering its wisdom in ways that are both accessible and inclusive. Britt is the author of Pilgrim: Living Your Yoga Every Single Day and its corresponding 108 Day virtual course. She has been featured in Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, Mantra Magazine, MaryJane’s Farm,Yoga International, and was most recently featured as a Soulful Entrepreneur on Anna Purna Living.