Morgan Mann  Willis

Morgan Mann Willis

Morgan Mann Willis is one of the oldest running members of the bklyn boihood collective. East-coast born and raised, Morgan's gayness (and queerness) has been at the center of her creative writing, strategic thinking and social navigation. As the writer-in-residence, Morgan is responsible for a huge amount of the social media, language, framing of bklyn boihood as well as the collective's annual retreats. She is a writer, educator, facilitator and consultant who currently lives in Detroit, Michigan. As the lead editor of OTXY, Morgan's role of late has been storytelling and creating spaces for stories to be told. She is a traveler, a hustler, a thinker and a doer. In addition to her work with bklyn boihood, she has been the Director of the Allied Media Conference in Detroit for the last 5 years.