Dr. Greg  Tefft

Dr. Greg Tefft

Dr. Greg Tefft likes to say he was his own first case history in personalized nutrition. Even as a seven-year-old champion swimmer, he became convinced that by using nutrition and exercise, he could custom design a one-of-a-kind body built to help him achieve his goals of being a World Class Swimmer and Track and Field Athlete. He just missed a spot on the Olympic Swim Team in 1972, and then the 1976 Track and Field team. His drive to excel followed into adult life as a powerlifter-turned-bodybuilder, when he became a three-time Natural Mr. America (meaning without steroids)—never done before in history!
Today, he is best known as the World’s Leading Expert in Personalized Nutrition, a field he pioneered. Dr. Tefft is a renowned clinical bio-nutritionist, teacher, wellness practitioner, speaker and author. His book Your Personal Life, Measuring What Your Body Needs to Live Lean, Long, Strong & Better is an international bestseller.