Marie Claude  Beauchamp

Marie Claude Beauchamp

Marie-Claude Beauchamp has been active in the film and television industry for over twenty-five years. She is the driving force behind CarpeDiem Film & TV, which she founded in 2004, to bring quality family and children’s entertainment to audiences worldwide. Her most recent project is the 3D stereoscopic animated feature film Snowtime!. She brought to the big screen The Legend of Sarila, a co-production with 10th Avenue Productions, in 2013 and has produced series such as Grand Star, a live-CGI teen sci-fi series; My Life Me, a manga inspired animated series for tweens and Silly Bitty Bunny, a pre-school series co-produced with France and Singapore. She specializes in international co-productions and is renowned as a producer who makes the extra effort to understand the special needs of her partners. Evidence of her success can be found in the over three hundred hours of international television and film projects she has financed and produced.