Tom  Arnold & Ullr the Dog

Tom Arnold & Ullr the Dog

Tom Arnold left Microsoft to start in early 2010. “I wanted to combine my passion for 20 years of software development with my love of animals and know that I’m making a difference in my lifetime,” he said when asked why he left the software giant. After his cat went missing in 2009 (re-united two days later), Tom learned that once an animal goes missing, less than 2% of cats and 18% of dogs ever get back to their families (source: ASPCA). In just two years, had returned over 500 companion animals with 96.8% of them home in under 24-hours, and 35% home in under 4-hours.
Ullr the Dog is a practically perfect pup, weighing in at a 55 pounds of cuddle-bug. He's 7 years old and playing in the snow, swimming in the river and hiking up mountains with his dog dad, Tom. No one knows exactly what mix Ullr is, until now (listen to the show for the big breed heritage reveal!).