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Genevieve Tregor, M.S., Founder and Facilitating Teacher

Genevieve received a MS in Kinesiology, from California Polytechnic State University. She has completed the MBSR Teacher Training Practicum as required by the University of Mass. Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness in Medicine advanced teacher training, she is a Certified Instructor of Radiant Heart Qi Gong, and a Certified Instructor of Physical Fitness and Training through the Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research. Genevieve has worked in the healthcare sector in public health, mental health research, and health education. When she experienced a debilitating back injury she began to explore in-depth the intersection of mind, body and spirit. Genevieve engaged in an intensive inquiry into the nature of wholeness; exploring various traditions including Talmud and Catholic Mysticism, and eventually immersed herself in the Buddhist tradition with the practice of Vipassana (also known as Mindfulness or Insight Meditation).