Beatrice  Bruno

Beatrice Bruno

For two (2) of the best years of her life, Beatrice Bruno served as an Active Duty Army Drill Sergeant for Basic Training Soldiers. Wife, mother, friend, Pastor/Minister, Beatrice has trained for most of her adult life to get you shipshape and ready to be the Commander of Your Life! Author of the Get Over Yourself series of books which includes How To Get Over Yourself, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Get What YOU Want Out of Life!, Beatrice is about to release her first fiction novel, The Baby Chronicles, through Morgan James Publishing. Beatrice's life mission is to help those who are willing to become all they have been called and created to be. And she is taking no prisoners! The Drill Sergeant of Life is here to help you let go of the PAST so you can grab hold of the incredibly outstanding future you were created to live. Attention! The Drill Sergeant of Life in in the house!