Dorothie and Martin  Hellman

Dorothie and Martin Hellman

Dorothie and Martin Hellman married as polar opposites, leading to fights that nearly destroyed their relationship. Their book, A New Map for Relationships: Creating True Love at Home & Peace on the Planet, explains how staring divorce in the face led them to recapture the true love that they had felt in their initial infatuation and to fall in love with the world as a whole.
Marty’s research on encryption was originally seen as a fool’s errand, but recently won him the top prize in computer science—the million-dollar Turing Award. Following Dorothie down an uncharted path until they reclaimed true love also seemed like a fool’s errand, but proved even more rewarding.
Dorothie spent several decades following a relationship map that had her repeatedly driving off cliffs until she found the courage to piece together a new map. To do that, she has spent more than half her life studying anger, fear, and grief, as well as joy, love, and especially compassion.